Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby BOY Benett

Well, it's been forever since I posted!!! So, if you don't want to read my delivery story you can skip ahead...I was due with Benett the 20th of November, but with Chad's work schedule we needed to try and time it. I had to deliver at Scottsdale and I live in San Tan Valley, so it's an hour drive and that didn't sound too great to me while in labor so we decided on Thursday before, the 14th I'd have my membranes stripped. I did that with my other 2 and went into labor like 30 hours later. Chad had Friday on off, so it was good timing. Well when the doctor checked me she said I was a 4 already and thinning, she went ahead and stripped them at like12:00 and on the way home I had an uncomfortable contraction, but didn't think much of it. Well by 1:30 I was having them every 10 minutes and by 2:30 every 5 minutes and very uncomfortable, so I called my mom from work at 3 and asked her to head to my in-laws to pick me up to get me to the hospital. We got there at about 4:30, Chad was there at work so he just met me by the entrance and we went up and got settled I was a 6 when I first got there, they did all my blood work and IV's....took FOREVER, then got me to the room and had the IV start. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural, then my doctor came right in and broke my water and I had our baby BOY at 6:19. It was so fast! When he came out, chad goes..."It's a....BOY!", Me: Really???, The nurse: Yeah! See!!!! (holding him right up to my face) :D Funny! It was pretty fun!

 I hate all my pictures after delivery...all puffy so don't judge! It's for posterity :D
 Our baby boy, Benett Chad Andersen, 8lbs 2oz  21.25 in long...My biggest baby yet
 Excited sisters!

                                                                   4 Generations of Girls!

                                                                     Happy Easter!
3 Kids is definitely busy! Crazy busy!!! Still trying to figure it all out. Emrie starts kindergarten this fall...Molly just turned 3 on Wednesday and Emrie turns 5 on the 20th.   Can't believe how fast they grow. Benett is almost 7 months now. He rolls, sits, crawls.....he is on the move! And DROOLS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME! No teeth yet though! It's been fun!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Keeping Very Busy

 So, we've been busy! I am now 32 weeks along!!! It's gone by really quick this pregnancy. We didn't find out the gender so we're getting anxious now that we're getting closer to find out what this little baby is. Everything has been going really well with the pregnancy. I have now entered into the uncomfortable stage. I think it gets earlier with every one of them. Our other exciting news......
We bought our first home!!!! We are so excited. We closed early August and moved in 1st week of September. We've put a lot of work into it was a nice house but we made some improvements, can't wait to put up some pictures!
So both girls had birthdays. Molly turned 2 and Emrie turned 4.

 In their birthday outfits :D
 Emrie got a big bike. She was really excited.

 4th of July. Daddy disappeared with the girls late the night before and came back with new outfits for them. Pretty cute. Dad has good taste. Then we did a bike parade my sister Makenna put on that morning with breakfast. It was really fun.

And.....the dreaded day arrived where the girls cut their hair. Oh it was very traumatic for me at the moment I found them. They were giggling so hard in their room that I thought I better see what was going on and hidden behind the rocking chair I found them with a pair of kiddie scissors (so beware, kid scissors do cut their hair :D ) holding up handfuls of hair laughing. Oh, I was very very upset, but the next day I laughed about it. It's okay as long as they let me pull some long hair over from the side and spray slick it down and clip it...covers up most of the chopped stuff.

Well, we should be finishing the girls room mostly this next week and then I'll put up some pictures of our new house ;D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yes we are alive.

      So obviously we are a little behind on our blog updates. And yes things have happened since Christmas.  Since graduation, life has been good. We still live in Gilbert and are now enjoying the wonderful warm weather... well for the most part! Since I have graduated, I have received my RN license and currently work at Scottsdale Healthcare in the orthopedic unit. I started at the end of February and love what I'm doing. Jaylynn has been a very busy mom. She worked at a chiropractor office for a little while but now keeps herself busy with homemaking projects she has taken up. Emrie has enjoyed being close to family and spends a lot of time playing with her cousins. She now has advanced into the "asking why" stage of childhood and learned the art of "tease" and practices often on her younger sister. Speaking of Molly, she has grown up too quick and is no longer our happy innocent little baby. In fact, she has crossed over to the dark side of toddler-hood and has become a "get into everything- scream if I don't get it- cry until someone literally picks me up" stage. We can say that life is simply lovely with her around... Overall she has been a delight and keeps Jaylynn and I well entertained. On a brighter note we are expecting our 3rd, due sometime around mid November! Life is good and we have been greatly blessed. Looking forward to a great summer!

At times the girls play well with each other and often enjoy the sweeter things in life together, like their Dum-Dum suckers!

 Every week on Thursday the girls like to go to Kids Club at the mall where they get to sing and dance to catchy kids songs and learn about different animals! Afterward they enjoy the free carousel ride which is truly the highlight of the day.

Above is a picture with Emire and her cousins Rhett and Grahm at the Phoenix zoo. They love hanging out together! In the picture below the gilrs got to enjoy Easter. Their aunt Makenna put on an Easter egg hunt which they thoroughly enjoyed. Molly was a little confused at fist but once she caught on to what was inside the eggs, she had no problem finding as many as she could. It was a fun time.

 We celebrated Jaylynn's birthday in April, she turned 26 this year and still looks as though she is 20! I just would like to say, (since I am writing this post) I married one hot momma! I could not be happier. Happy birthday sweetie!
With the summer beginning, the girls often spend their time at the pool or in the backyard playing in the water. It's amazing how fun a sprinkler can be for a 4 and 2 year old! We look forward to a nice warm summer.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exciting December

December has been an exciting month for our family. Chad GRADUATED!!!! We took a trip to Flagstaff for his graduation...and it's official! Can't believe it's been 2 1/2 years. He is now an RN and has his Bachelor's degree, he just has to take the boards.

 Emrie sat on Santa's lap every chance she got this year. I think we saw him 10 times or so before Christmas. And every time she sat on his lap she asked for a Purple Christmas. Which he did bring her by decorating her door and hallway and shiny purple presents.

 We acted out the nativity Christmas Eve with Makenna and Jason and Oma and Opa Kay.
 And we went to the fire-departments with yummy breads.

 Emrie showing Molly that there is candy in her stocking. Molly was so excited about the candy cane she started to shake while we opened it for her.

It is so much fun to have little kids during Christmas. I love the Holidays, such a wonderful spirit of giving. We have an exciting year ahead of us! Can't wait to see what it brings!